By no means an exhaustive list but some examples of good practice and interesting articles which might be of interest​:

  • Alliance magazine’s March 2020 blog on coronavirus and funding social movements

  • Shaady Salehi’s Trust Based Philanthropy Project’s blog on grant making principles to apply during a crisis.

  • London Funder’s Covid-19 statement that lays out some grant making commitments to consider to ensure a strong civil society in times of crisis.

  • Alliance magazine’s Feminist Philanthropy December 2019 issue.

  • Vu Le’s Nonprofit AF blog site, that explores the frustrations of the nonprofit world from a grante partner perspective

  • Hannah Paterson in Alliance Magazine particularly looking at practical application of participatory grant making

  • A variety of participatory models to explore: The Edge Fund, FundAction, International Trans Fund, Intersex Human Rights Fund, Sex Worker Giving Circle, Red Umbrella Fund, Peer2Peer Exchange Fund, WithAndForGirls, Frida and Rawa Fund.

  • The Trust Based Philanthropy Project that conducts peer-to-peer learning and advocacy to make trust-based practices the norm in philanthropy.

  • NPC’s series on Power in grant making

  • ACF’s Stronger Foundation initiative, DEI report  and their most recent report on Impact and Learning.

  • 2027 Talent Program that takes working class front line workers and prepares them for decision-making roles in grant-making organisations.

  • Grant Craft’s comprehensive guide to participatory grant making.

  • Bonnie Chiu’s Forbes article on girls in the driving seat of philanthropy.

  • This Ford Foundation report explores participatory approaches and their potential use by foundations.

  • John Rendel from Peter Cundhill Foundation Twitter thread here on why they have moved to unrestricted funding.

  • Darren Murinas from Expert Citizens report on why people with lived experience should lead.

  • Roxanne Nazir and Marina Apgar’s blog on activist philanthropy and participation.

  • Institute for Developments participation in economic programing and participatory practice guides.

  • Shona Curver’s article specifically on the use of lived experience within funding.

  • Toby Lowe’s, Commissioning in Complexity research.

  • I.G. Advisors podcast on What Donors Want.

  • The Lafayette Practice report on how participatory grant-making benefits donors, communities and movements.

  • Becoming a Living Wage Funder.

  • London Funders’ Initiated Response on Covid-19

  • National Emergencies Trust - Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

  • And Derek Bardowell’s Just Cause Podcast Series with Fozia Irfan (but check out the whole series)

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