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The Grant Givers' Movement is more than 300 members strong.


Our activities are as follows:

  • Conversation: We exist to connect grant makers and to facilitate meaningful discussion around the challenges in our sector. To become part of the conversation or join our next meeting connect with us on social media ojoin our mailing list.

  • Research: We conduct research, through the design and distribution of 'sector pulse surveys', followed by focus groups and interviews, to explore the key issues affecting our sector. Thus far, we have explored Diversity, Inclusion and Isomorphism & Power & Trust in grant making. In 2021, we are now starting to explore Ethics in Philanthropy. We publish the findings of our research, share it widely and campaign for collective action. 

  • ​Collaboration: We meet regularly with umbrella organisations, regulatory bodies, influential grant makers and agenda-setting organisations to share the findings of our research and put pressure on our sector to change for the better. We have been given a seat at the table by our allies to raise our collective voice and fuel the dialogue. 

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