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This Sector Pulse survey is an investigation into: 


  • What grant-making staff think about the power balance between Trust and Foundations and their grantees;

  • And the level of trust that exists in both external grantee relationships and within grant giving organisations.

Why are we conducting the survey


Our second Sector Pulse survey is on the topic of Power and Trust and was chosen by Grant Giver’s Movement (GGM) members as an urgent issue in need of investigation. It is inexplicably linked to our existing research on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Please go here Diversity, Inclusion and Isomorphism to find out more.


The survey has now closed and the GGM team are busy analyzing the data. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response. 


We hope to be back in touch in January with a report outlining the key findings. This report will be publicly available on our website and shared widely across the sector.  The aim of all of our surveys is to inform and influence our own practice, highlight and champion existing good practice and gain a better understanding of areas where we can have an impact.

We want to provide a collective voice for grant making professionals of all levels as we feel this is currently absent from the conversation. Together, alongside others in the sector we believe we can achieve real and lasting progressive change.